Whether she’s creating a successful business from scratch or learning how to create a new prototype for patient case management, “I’ve never walked away from a challenge” says Patricia Maisano, who is running for Chester County Treasurer on the Democratic ticket.

Born in Delaware, Maisano has lived in Chester County for the past 26 years. “I just love Chester County,” says the Kennett Township resident. “I feel so blessed.”

A graduate of Wilmington University with an RN degree from St Francis School of Nursing and Our Lady of Angels College,  Maisano also has a doctorate in Health Science and an M.S. in Evaluations and Assessments from Sheffield University in Ohio.

Though she began her career in nursing (and created training videos for DuPont), when an opportunity to work with the Upjohn Corporation in what was then the brand new field of case management, Maisano seized the moment.   She helped build a prototype for case management in the field of medicine and became the regional manager for an Upjohn team in the northeast.

“I hit the glass ceiling and my husband encouraged me to build a business myself” she recalls. Taking the skills and knowledge she had gained at Upjohn, she began to practice disability case management for unions and other organizations, which “gave me a real sense of my own accomplishments.”

But something was missing, says Maisano – advocacy for the underserved. In 1998, she became an advocate for those without families. In that role, she has helped police jail abusers as well as advocate for the medical care of babies as young as two hours and seniors as old as 108. Eventually, she could franchise her business and turn it into a global one, now called IKOR International.  Though she has relinquished day to day management to others, Maisano is still involved as the Chief Innovation Officer.

Running for the treasurer’s office, she says, offers a new challenge – but one that draws on some of the skills she learned while building IKOR, from being responsible to using assets wisely to tracking how funds come in and where they are spent.

“My husband and I are taxpayers,” she says. “How do I help Chester County families have the best life they can?  How do the disabled and seniors have a voice? Many residents are getting silenced.”

It’s time, says Maisano, that Chester County move beyond partisanship: “we have to work together. I know that new voices can bring good things.”

Elect her on November 7, says Patricia Maisano, and she’ll do her best to represent everyone – with trust, transparency, and integrity.